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Below you will find different sections that will help in the process of selling your MacBook. These sections include:

-How to find your serial number for both working and broken MacBook models

-How to find your specs. such as Processor, Hard Drive, Ram, etc.

-How to determine your physical condition

-How to determine your battery health information/condition

-And lastly, how to properly package your MacBook for shipping

Finding the Serial Number for a Working MacBook

Click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your MacBook desktop. Then click on "About This Mac" which will display your MacBook model information and serial number.

Your MacBook serial number will be displayed at the bottom of the list in this pop up.

Find your Serial Number if your MacBook is Broken

Even if it's broken, you can still find your MacBooks serial number by looking for the text on your bottom cover.

How to find your Specs

Just like finding your serial number, click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your MacBook desktop and select "About This Mac".

The first line will show the model year and model name of your MacBook.

The second line will show your MacBook processor information.

Your MacBook memory will be displayed in the third line.

Click on the "Storage" tab at the top of the pop-up to find your MacBook storage size.

Determining your Condition

In order to process your MacBook as quickly as possible, the physical condition of your device needs to be selected correctly. The first step in determining how to select the condition is to remove all screen protectors, cases and/or covers. Oftentimes, a device that looks great with a cover or case on can have many scratches, dents or other imperfections below. GoRoostr's price guarantee is for the bare device and the condition its in without any type of cover, screen protector and/or case. Below are a few photos that represent the condition options and a description for each selection.

Like New Condition: Flawless condition with absolutely no marks or any signs of wear. Still new or looks like it just came out of the box.

Good Condition: Light signs of use such as minor scratches/scuffs, a few small chips on body, etc. But no dings, dents, or bent corners are present.

Fair Condition: Significant or large scratches/scuffs, minor dings or dents, lightly bent corners, etc. But no heavy wear or significant/excessive marks are present.

Poor Condition: Heavy wear or significant marks such as excessive deep scratches/scuffs, large/major dents, body warping, etc.

How to Determine your Battery Condition

To check the battery information on your MacBook, click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your desktop and select "About This Mac".

Then click on the "System Report" button on this pop-up window.

Select "Power" from the menu on the left. This will display your battery health information and cycle count (below the highlighted area in the photo below).

Your MacBook will show a battery health condition of either normal, service battery or replace soon. Please be sure to choose the correct selection when inputting your device information. Batteries with a cycle count above 800 are considered to be "Bad".

How to Ship your MacBook

In order to make sure your MacBook gets to us safely, it should be packaged securely using appropriate packing materials. Your device should be sent in a sturdy box in good condition.

First, completely wrap your MacBook in bubble wrap (we recommend at least two full layers).

Then put a few layers of bubble wrap or packing paper on the bottom of your box.

Place the MacBook inside of the box and fill in the voids on the sides with packing material. For this we recommend packing paper, bubble wrap or newspaper as long as there is no free space that allows the device to move around.

Please do not use air pockets for packing material as they can allow your MacBook to shift during transit. They also can deflate or pop due to the weight of the devices.

After the sides are filled, cover the top of the device with more packing material to assure that all of the free space is filled and it won't shift in transit. If you're including your charger, put it in the box on top of the packing material or along the sides making sure that it is not in contact with your device as this may cause damage during shipping.

Then just tape the box shut, tape on the label and drop it off at any Fed Ex Ground location or contact FedEx to schedule a pick up.

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