Apr 20, 2023

Why Are Apple Buybacks So Popular

The Apple buyback and Apple trade-in refer to the same concept, but in a buyback, the purchaser pays you directly, instead of giving credit toward a new Apple device. This process offers owners of multiple Apple devices a way to make money from the ones they no longer use.

Make Money from an Unused Device

Why keep a device you won’t use? Instead of storing it in the closet or under your bed, sell an older iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to earn money from something you already replaced.

Apple buybacks prove so popular because refurbishing services willingly pay for used devices, even if they’re broken. A cracked screen or device that won’t boot will still earn you money from a refurbishing service. This lets Apple product owners earn money easily.

Most carriers offer free trade-ins, but some, like Verizon, don’t require a trade-in for a new device. That means the Apple owner ends up stockpiling devices since they don’t need to trade them in for a discount on a new one.

Apple Devices Hold Value

Unlike throw-away phones, also called burner phones, or feature phones, Apple devices hold value well. Think of Apple devices like the Rolls Royce of electronics. Because Apple offers local repairs at its stores, iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks tend to remain in working order for longer. These phones also use higher quality parts, which hold up better.

Many Buybacks Are Online

Getting cash for phones does not require a local service. Many buybacks operate online, making them accessible to those who live in rural areas or who travel frequently and have little time for running errands.

After completing a short form to describe your phone, tablet, or laptop, the service provides you with a quote of value for the item. You decide then if you want to sell it for the quoted amount or keep it. If you decide to sell it, the buyback service provides you with a shipping label, so you don’t have to pay for the shipping to sell your Apple device either. By making the entire process easy and free, Apple device owners have come to enjoy using the buyback services.

Buyback Programs Help the Environment

Buyback programs either refurbish the device or use its parts to refurbish other devices. This process saves the devices from going to landfill. Buyback programs give you money for essentially recycling your old phone, tablet, or laptop. Some of the parts of electronic devices require mining the earth to obtain. Mining hurts the environment, but recycling old devices or their parts reduces the mining need.

Sell Your Apple Device at an Apple Buyback

Why not try an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Macbook Pro buyback to earn money from your old device? These services don’t limit you to a single sale. You can sell as many Apple devices as you own, even those with broken screens or that no longer boot. Start making money from your old electronic devices today.

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