Jan 27, 2021

What You Should Consider When Buying a New iPhone and Trading Your Old One

Tips on How to Buy and Trade Your iPhone

If you've been thinking that you should sell your iPhone and save a bit of money on buying a new one, then you're buying the smart way. At GoRoostr, we help tons of customers trade-in their old phones and earn some credit towards a new purchase. If you want to ensure you can get the best iPhone trade in deal, then you'll want to consider the following tips.

1. Check to See if Your iPhone Qualifies

Like any trade-in store, we do have some eligibility requirements. To be able to trade your iPhone to us at a great price, you'll likely want it in the best condition possible. Take some time to clean the phone and fix any minor problems with it. The more you invest in your phone, the better deal you may receive.

Some problems may disqualify your phone entirely. Take the time to read our requirements to ensure you're not wasting your time.

2. Unpair Any Apple Products

Because Apple loves to sync their various platforms together, you'll want to make sure that you have everything unpaired. The last thing you want is to give someone access to your information. If you have an Apple Watch, for example, you'll want to unpair it to ensure you can continue to use the watch in the way you want with your new phone.

3. Back Up Your Information

Apple offers an easy way to back up your information on your phone. iTunes allows you to back up your files on a PC or MAC. You can even use iCloud to backup up to 5GB of memory for free. If you need more space, then you can always buy additional memory.

Backing up your phone is vital when picking up a new phone. If anything gets lost, you have that backup to rely on.

4. Erase Content and Settings

Once everything has been backed up, you'll want to erase the information that you have on your phone. An easy way to do this is through your settings system. It has an Erase All Content option. This resets your phone and makes it ready for someone else to use instead without risking your information.

Buy and Trade with Ease with Us

We make buying and trading electronics easy. To ensure you get the best deal, visit our store today.

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