Jun 22, 2020

What Apple Products Can You Sell to GoRoostr?

Apple products are among the most popular products in the electronics market today. GoRoostr is a service that offers the opportunity to sell used, new, and broken Apple products and get paid in return. However, you may still be wondering exactly what Apple products GoRoostr accepts.

Since 2012, GoRoostr has been offering a safe, fast, and easy way to sell your Apple products. They are highly reviewed and rated and offer the ability to sell almost any Apple device. They also offer fast turnaround times and competitive prices.

When it comes to iPhones, GoRoostr accepts iPhone 7s through to the latest model. They accept them from the cell phone providers AT&T, Version, Sprint, and T-Mobile. When it comes to storage sizes, they accept them from 32GB up to 512 GB. Prices on iPhones that are sold range from $4 to $928, depending on factors of model and what condition it is in.

GoRoostr accepts all styles of iPads, however, the generations they accept vary. For the iPad Mini, they accept 4s and 5s. For the iPad Air, they accept generations two and three. For regular iPads, they accept fifth through seventh generations. If you are looking for a good Apple buyback for iPad Pros, They accept all generations. For storage, they accept 16GB all the way through 1TB. Pricing currently ranges from $7 to $700 depending on the condition of the product.

For regular MacBooks, GoRoostr accepts them from 2015 and beyond. In terms of Apple MacBook Pro buyback, as well as Airs, they accept models dating back to 2011. All screen sizes and models from within the year specification are accepted by GoRoostr. Selling prices range from $15 to $3,580, depending on the product and the condition. However, the acceptance of MacBooks with foreign keyboards is limited.

They also accept Mac Minis from mid-2011 to present-day and iMacs and Mac Pros from later 2013 to the present day. However, they do not have the price quote option available for these items yet.

GoRoostr accepts most versions of the Apple TV. These include Apple TV second generation all the way through Apple TV 4k, or the fifth generation, in 64GB. They buy them for between $2 and $60, accepting even just remotes apart from the Apple TV product itself.

GoRoostr also accepts all Apple Watches. They can sell for between $2 and $125.

There are very few items from Apple that GoRoostr doesn't accept. This is largely limited to items that are several years old in date, and multiple models old as well. They also do not accept iCloud locked devices.

GoRoostr offers the opportunity for people to be able to sell their old Apple products in exchange for money. They accept a large majority of products, ranging from new to broken.

GoRoostr, Inc. BBB Business Review

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