Jul 28, 2020

Used or Broken Apple Products? GoRoostr Can Help

Let's say that you have just broken your expensive Apple product. Either that, or you have a used Apple product that you want to get rid of. For any reason you may be looking to sell your Apple device, GoRoostr can help! You have a dependable and trusted way that you can sell your Apple products with little to no hassle. Sure, you could post it yourself, but the problem comes from everything that happens during the process. This eliminates the hassle, and it makes everything easier.

Why People Choose GoRoostr

There are a few different reasons that people have chosen GoRoostr over some of the others. Some of the reasons to go with include:
• Faster
• Safer
• Reputable
• Higher prices than competitors

No matter what the Apple product might be, we're willing to help. We have bought iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and any other Apple products that you might encounter. One of the other good things about choosing us is our high reviews. You know that you can trust our services.

Old, New, Working or Broken

We don't care if you have an old, new, working, or even broken Apple product because we will buy them all. The biggest advantage of this comes from the convenience of it. You can get rid of broken Apple products so that they don't become a total loss. Meanwhile, let's say that you have an old Apple product that you want to upgrade. You can do it through methods like this. We also have a reputation for paying the most for these products when you compare us to our competition.

What Makes Us Different

There are a few key differentiators that have helped to separate us from the competition, and this includes a number of things, such as:
• Competitive pricing
• No hidden deductions
• Most payout options
• Fastest turnaround time

Many companies have an inaccurate quoting system that gives you a price that looks great, only to deduct your payout once they receive your device due to some kind of issue.

This is not something we do here at GoRoostr. Our quote system is extremely detailed to prevent these mistakes in order to get you an extremely accurate quote and highest price. We accept devices no matter if they are working or even damaged, and in new or even poor condition.

Our Apple buyback company between 2012 and 2020 has paid over $10 million into the pockets of our customers, with that number growing every day. So you know that we are legitimate and established.

GoRoostr, Inc. BBB Business Review
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