Apr 26, 2021

Resell & Recycle: Don’t Throw Out Old Apple Devices

While a lot of attention has gone to fossil fuel and agricultural usage as causes for climate change, another growing concern is e-waste. Unsure of what to do with their electronics when they upgrade to a new device, homeowners are tossing their electronics in the trash. This is a hazard. A better solution is to resell or recycle them. At GoRooster, we can even buy your old Apple devices. Here's why you should resell or recycle your Apple devices.

1. Improve the Climate

The resources needed to create as powerful an electronic as an Apple device are incredible. When you toss your Apple device into the trash, it's wasting useful components that may still have use. A better option is to sell them to GoRooster.

We refurbish Apple devices and ensure they're in proper working order. That enables others access to the device at a price that they can afford.

You do your part in protecting the environment by keeping Apple from having to produce one more device. That means fewer resources are being used. It's one step closer to a cleaner world.

2. Landfills are Toxic Zones

There's a reason local communities don't want you to toss your batteries into the landfill. They become toxic. The same goes for the electronics inside of Apple devices. It's doubtful that you remove the battery inside of the device before tossing it into the trash.

As a result, you're making that landfill more toxic.

There are other certain parts and metals inside of the device that isn't safe to leak back into the soil. Reselling or recycling your Apple device ensures that the device is safely disposed of.

3. You Can Earn Money

You're not going to earn any money by just tossing your Apple device into the trash. You could be throwing away a good deal of money. Instead, you should resell the device to GoRoostr. We always offer fair prices on the devices that we want. It's even okay if your device is slightly damaged.

You can earn money just by getting rid of your device. If you want a new Apple device, then you may even be able to take part in our trade-in system.

Sell Your Apple Device Today

Our Apple buyback program can earn you money and help you keep the environment that much safer. Take a look at our website today to find out more about our program.

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