Oct 15, 2020

Don’t Throw Out Your Broken Apple Devices! GoRoostr Will Pay You

Apple Technology Quickly Updates. It seems like it was just yesterday that Apple came out with the newest version of the iPhone. Founded in April of 1976 by Steven Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and the lesser-known Ronald Wayne, the company has seen wonderful success since its inception. It now operates five hundred and eleven retail stores across the world. The headquarters in Cupertino, California has grown from a building to a park termed Apple Park spanning one hundred and seventy-five acres of suburban land. In the year 2018 alone Apple sold 217,722,000 iPhones and in 2018 the company also sold 18,209,000 Mac computers. Every year around September, the company releases a new model of iPhone that consumers show up to purchase in hoards at Apple retailers. Having produced and sold this many Apple products, we have to wonder - what exactly happens to all of these phones once the consumers get rid of them for the newest updated model?

Recycling Apple Products

Whether it be a set of Bluetooth apple earbuds, the once latest Apple iPhone, or the almost up-to-date MacBook, the consumer can make use of having disposed of his or her apple products. The consumer of course has the option of attempting to sell old Apple products, as the products can sometimes be resold on eBay or Amazon for a good substantial portion of their original cost. Mac products can be resold for different amounts depending upon the value assessed by the purchaser. The MacBook air trade-in value, for example, is relatively high in comparison with the trade-in value for earbuds. It is much easier and oftentimes more cost-effective to simply recycle the Apple products. Additionally, there are many resources for recycling Apple brand items.


GoRoostr is a start-up company advocated for by the Better Business Bureau. The company is based out of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, and accepts Apple products in exchange for payment to the consumer. The business has zero complaints, five-star ratings, and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since September of 2013. To trade in Apple products the consumer simply has to visit GoRoostr.com and receive a quote. The next step is to send the apple device to the company with the label for shipping that the GoRoostr company provides. Then, the company offers the consumer a payout via Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, or check. The consumer chooses which of these options for payment he or she prefers. We have here an efficient system of recycling used and even broken Apple products that offer the consumer monetary payouts.

GoRoostr, Inc. BBB Business Review

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