Sep 16, 2020

Don’t Get Ripped Off. Earn the Best Cash Value With Goroostr

The market for Apple devices is a huge one - everyone everywhere wants to offer you the "best price" for your old iPhone or iPad. How do you know who to trust in the Apple buyback scene? It all comes down to customer service and attention to your individual needs. Nothing feels worse than getting scammed out of the money that you were promised for your Apple device.

Enter GoRoostr. We started as a single person buying back devices over 8 years ago, and have grown into a company that offers people honest prices on their used devices. And our focus is simple: you. We build our growing business on the satisfaction of our customers. We want every customer to be happy with their GoRoostr experience, which means they want to come back for more.

We are a small company, with no investors to worry about. This means that you, the customer, are truly number one. So we work to make the experience as easy for you as possible. Without any investors to cater to, we can focus our time on giving you the quickest and most reliable Apple device payout.

First, we offer a quick turnaround time. We understand that you want to hand off your device as soon as possible and get paid quickly too. As long as the information you submitted about your device was accurate, we work hard to get you your money the same day your device is received. If for some reason we cannot accept your device at that price, and you'd like your product back, we ship it back at no cost to you.

Next, we're careful to be 100% honest about our pricing. A lot of sites will try to rip you off by offering you a price that is too good to be true. Next thing you know, your payout is less than they offered once they actually receive your device. Nothing like that happens at GoRoostr. We strive to give the most honest price we can on your device, without any bait-and-switch gimmicks like our competitors.

In a fast-moving and profit-driven market, GoRoostr is here to purchase your devices with speed and integrity. We do the market research and find the best price for you so that you don't have to worry about being ripped off. And, as long as the device's condition is accurate, you'll have your money in no time at all. So if you're looking to sell your Apple device, look no further than GoRoostr.

GoRoostr Offers More Bang for Your Buck on Apple Trade-Ins

There are a few ways to dispose of unwanted Apple products. First, you can give them away to friends or family. Second, you can throw them away, although tossing electronics in the trash is illegal. A third option involves selling your electronics. Buyers pay cash for your old iPhones and other Apple products, even if they're broken or don't work. The latter options work well for anyone. You paid a lot of money for your Apple products. Getting some of that cashback is nice.

Apple Money

GoRoostr provides high cash offers on all your old Apple products. It might seem strange that we buy broken and damaged Apple products. A lot of people ask us why we buy them. The truth is, we're geeks who repair Apple products. We use the parts to refurbish other products. Since we need the parts inside your Apple products, we pay you cash!

We're a young, modern Apple repair company. We believe that customers are the heart of our business, including those from who we buy our products from. You paid a lot of money for your products. You deserve a fair price for the item. Compare our free quote (available upon request) with other buyers in the area. We strive to offer the highest amount of money possible for your used Apple products.

But the benefits sellers enjoy when they sell their used Apple products don't stop there. We also offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry. You want your money and we get it in your hands fast. Honest pricing and gimmick-free customer service further benefit sellers.

Reasons to Sell Unwanted Apple Products

People sell unwanted Apple products for many reasons. Some people upgrade and no longer need the item. Other products are damaged or no longer work. Maybe you're in a tough financial situation and need cash. You can sell old Apple products at any time, for any reason.

What We Buy

We buy all Apple electronics. This includes all models iPhone, the MacBook, Apple tablets, earbuds, and other products. Tell us what you have for sale and we'll provide you a quote. You're under no obligation to accept the offer, but we're certain you'll like the offer! Selling your used Apple products to GoRoostr is simple and fast and you get more money than the other guys pay.

GoRoostr, Inc. BBB Business Review

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