May 11, 2022

Are My Old Apple Products Worth Anything?

Are your old apple products collecting dust? Do you have iPhones or a MacBook sitting in cabinets or drawers somewhere? If so, you probably never imagined they were worth MUCH. After all, if it doesn’t work for you, why would anyone else want it?

Well, we’re here to tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Apple put a lot of good stuff in those devices, even if it was some odd years ago. Some of that technology is still useful today, and people want it.

Are iPhones Worth Anything?

You may have a cracked screen, scratched exterior, or undesirable-looking iPhone, but it’s what’s on the inside that matters. While the average Joe won’t be able to fix his phone with items and tools he has laying around his house, expert technicians do. They have the training and resources to turn those old pieces of unused “junk” into brand new phones. People are willing to purchase those refurbished phones for much less than a brand new iPhone.

Here are the iPhones that you can currently sell for the most money (of course this may have changed by the time you read this article):

● X

● Xs

● Xs Max

● XR

● 11

● 11 Pro

● 11 Pro Max

● SE 2

● 12

● 12 Mini

● 12 Pro

● 12 Pro Max

● 13

● 13 Mini

● 13 Pro

● 13 Pro Max

● SE 3

Are MacBooks Worth Anything?

Depending on a variety of factors, your MacBook could be worth a good amount. It’s going to come down to its condition, storage size, processor specs, and of course the model. If your MacBook can turn on, you can easily check by going to the “Apple” icon and clicking “About this Mac.” If it doesn’t turn on, simply look on the bottom of the MacBook for the model number near the hinge, and then search Google for the specs.

For the most part, these MacBooks should hold some decent value:

● MacBook - 2015 to 2017

● MacBook Pro - 2012 to current model (retina models)

● MacBook Air - 2013 to current model

Are iPads Worth Anything?

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the iPad never ended up being the device they imagined using all the time. With a laptop and a phone, there just aren’t a lot of uses unless you’re a student, teacher, artist, content creator, or a child. That’s why you see so many people looking to sell their old iPads. Or, of course, they just got a new one. If you’re one of those people that’s looking to sell, you’re in luck because they are in demand.

Here are the iPads that are fetching the most money:

● iPad Mini 4 to newest model

● iPad Air 2 to newest model

● iPad 5th. Gen. to newest model

● iPad Pro models

How About Other Apple Products?

If you have an Apple Desktop, such as a Mac Mini, iMac, iMac Pro, or Mac Pro, all models 2015 and over should be worth something, as well as some 2013s and 2014s. That also goes for Apple TVs and Apple Watches depending on the year and condition. If you’d like to see how much your Apple device is worth, we’d be happy to assist.


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