Apr 20, 2023

Aftermarket Parts That Could Affect The Resale Of Your iPhone

When one of the Apple iPhone buyback programs catches your attention online, you might try selling your used iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro. You won’t get as good a price for your device if you repaired it at some point with aftermarket or off-brand parts. If you’re about to take your phone for repairs, here’s why using the Apple store and genuine parts serves you best in the long term.

Apple Only Uses Apple Parts

Using non-authentic parts for your iPhone or iPad reduces its resale value, but it also voids your warranty. Perhaps your warranty already ran out. Using anything but genuine parts reduces your iPhone’s trade-in or re-sale value.

You’ll ruin your device by using a third-party part because Apple won’t accept it as a trade-in any longer and you won’t earn a good price from an Apple buyback either.

That’s why even when your warranty runs out, your best bet for repairs remains the iPhone store. The technicians at the Apple store always use genuine Apple parts.

How Do They Know?

Regardless of where you trade in your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro, they run diagnostics on the system. Just as you can boot your computer and in its BIOS read the parts used in it, the technicians at Apple or an Apple buyback program do the same. It helps them spot fakes and individuals who voided their warranty by using aftermarket parts.

Why Is It Such a Big Deal to Use Aftermarket Parts?

Essentially, any aftermarket part reduces your phone’s value. Aftermarket or off-brand mechanical parts, such as the motherboard, CPU, memory, etc. hurt your device’s trade-in value the most. Using a screen from another manufacturer can hurt your device’s buyback value, too. That’s because Apple uses only the highest quality parts, so anything non-genuine devalues the device.

Using third-party parts degrades the performance of your device. The purchaser would have to replace the part you replaced with a genuine part before being able to claim that they had refurbished the device. Refurbishing a device requires using factory parts. Apple doesn’t want to touch your “FrankenMac,” so it won’t accept such a device.

The Apple buyback programs or iPad trade-in programs significantly reduce the amount they’ll pay you for any device with aftermarket parts because they can’t use the third-party part to refurbish a different device, and they will have to replace any aftermarket part you used before they can claim to have refurbished what they purchased from you. That costs them additional money, so they pay you less for the device.

Stick to Real Parts from Apple

Make the money you should from the devices you have. Only take your Apple devices to the Apple store for repairs. Always use genuine Apple parts so your device retains its resale value with Apple iPhone buyback programs.

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