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GoRoostr is not your average re-commerce company because we are a small, privately owned company with no shareholders to appease. The only person we answer to is you, the customer.

We knew early on that while there is plenty of competition in the re-commerce market, there is still something missing; customer service and honesty. At GoRoostr, our customers comes first and this has been a primary principle from day one and it shows in our reviews.

At GoRoostr we offer the highest payouts because we constantly monitor the prices of the competition to make sure the rates we provide are the best. We also offer the fastest turnaround time because we know that you want your money as quickly as possible.

GoRoostr offers unparalleled service without all the gimmicks and games.

Meet the Team

Jon Steingart

Co-Founder, President

Gregory Thompson


Adam Kubat

Director of Operations

Andrew Law


Amar Ait-Gherbi


Jimmy Kallam


GoRoostr, Inc. BBB Business Review
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